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MP3 to CDa - Welcome!!! So you want to burn some of your MP3 files to CDA, in other words make and audio cd from your mp3 music, but which is the best mp3 to cda converter to use...?

MP3 to CDa - When I first decided I wanted to convert my MP3 to CDa files I discovered that there are a heck of a lot of systems that offer to do this, after trying loads of them I decided on which I believe is the converter available.

The best news is that you can download and try this mp3 to cda converter yourself for free -

MP3 to CDa - FREE Download!

"I just love your MP3CDMaker software. It has made my life a lot easier, and it is without a doubt the BEST program of its kind on the market. It's so fast and simple to use, I recommend this program to anyone wanting to make CDs out of their MP3s!"
— Justin Thibodeaux

MP3 to CDa
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mp3 to cdaMP3CD Maker

This MP3CDMaker is a lightweight, super-fast converter that allows you to burn your own audio CDs from MP3 files.

You can convert your MP3 to CDa tracks in just seconds using the simple drag and drop interface.

Features Include: -

  • Supports over 1,500 CD-R & CD-RW Drives
  • Simple Drag and Drop Interface
  • Normalization - all tracks recorded at same sound level
  • 42 languages
  • different "skins" available
  • Create CD-Text
  • Create CD covers!
  • import & export Winamp playlists
  • MP3 file sample rates 22,32 or 48Khz

Download MP3 to CDa FREE Now!!

This systemis incredibly small, under 1.3MB! So it is extremely quick to download (under 2 minutes with a 56k modem) and will even fit on to a floppy disk! Compatible with all Windows Systems.

Order Now for ONLY $24.95

mp3 to cda

MP3 to CDa - what you can do...

  • You can create compilation cds of all YOUR favourite songs
  • You can create perfect gifts for your family and friends
  • You can create CD's for special occaisions (e.g. weddings)
  • You can create your very own driving music compilation
  • You can make your own Chill Out cd to listen to when you want to relax.
  • You can make a love songs cd for that special someone
  • You don't have to switch on your computer to listen to your MP3 music
  • You can make your own themed party music cd

The list goes on and on, so get the free download and start making your own audio cds now!!!

Download FREE Now!!

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